Sunday, May 25, 2008

4 Contented Mommies + 4 Happy Kids

It's almost time for my Equinox membership renewal come this June and I still have 7 guests coupons unused and will be expired by June 1st. Coincidentally, a few of my mommy friends were talking about swimming last week and I invited them to the EQ pool.

However, it rained the entire Friday night and I was so worried that we have to cancel our plan. I told Charlotte that I have invited some of her friends to go swimming and I asked her to pray so that she could go to the pool. She did before she went to bed, this was her prayer: "Jesus, please don't rain. Little Charlotte wants to go swimming. Please don't rain. Thank you Jesus. Amen"

I woke up around 1.30am and it was still raining but I know Jesus heard Charlotte's prayer and I went back to sleep after I said the prayer myself quietly. When I woke up around 8am, I went to check at the window and it was a bright sunny morning and off we went to EQ!!!

We had so much fun swimming and singing with the kids. We spent about 1 hour in the pool and we were ready to head for lunch at Kampachi! The kids were very well behave at lunch, it was beyond our (mothers) expectation to have lunch with 4 kids to our own!

After lunch, we spent a short moment at the pond outside of Kampachi for the kids to see the Japanese koi and some photo shots.

By the time we left was about 1.30pm. Charlotte napped from 2.00pm to 5.00pm that afternoon! It was so much fun for all of us, the kids enjoyed the outdoor playtime and the mommies were good companions.

I took Charlotte there again on Sunday evening, and as we were about to leave to meet her grandparents for dinner she pointed at Kampachi and said "I want to eat mee mee there!" *faint*


  1. Hi thanks for visiting. I bought the vcd from here

  2. Looks like all the kids have good friendship now. Hopes that they still remember Hin Lerk.