Thursday, May 8, 2008

Who Is Charlotte's Brother?

Charlotte woke up this morning in a very happy mood. She played with me as I was getting dressed to work. In between, she suddenly sat down on the bed and pout...

Charlotte: Charlotte sad (crossed her hands, and pout)
Me: Why?
Charlotte: My brother?
Me: Huh? Who is your brother?
Charlotte: My brother?
Me: Who is your brother? Where is your brother?
Charlotte: People take my brother away...
Me: Huh? Who?
Charlotte: My brother...
Me: People take away? Where?
Charlotte: Shop
Me: Huh?? Which shop? Queensbaymall?
Charlotte: No...

In fact, she has been talking about "my brother" very often this week and every time it's with that sad looking facial expression and tone. I really don't understand what is she trying to say or is it just her imagination?

We have been teaching her about "grandmother", "grandfather", "father" and "mother" by associating them with KongKong, MahMah, Daddy and Mommy but we have yet to introduce her "brother" and "sister" because I think it is difficult for her to associate since she doesn't has anyone to associate to.

I am puzzled about the "my brother" thing that Charlotte has been repeating lately. Hopefully it is just her imagination.

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  1. Erhm, I think she wants a little brother to play with.. hint hint!