Wednesday, May 14, 2008

She Loves To Sing!

Charlotte started her singing "talent" by completing the sentence with the last word, like this. Remember her favorite lullaby? She is also able to fill in some of the words everytime the song is play. She is now able to sing a few complete songs like twinkle twinkle little star, rain rain go away, happy birthday to you, and others.

Last week, I bought her a new toy after discovering that she was pretending to sing using a microphone. I was very surprise to see that because I have not told her about microphone. She probably pick it up through TV program, wedding receptions that we have attended and etc.

The toy set comes with a microphone, a mic stand, a base that has a musical feature that plays 24 different songs, and a mini amplifier. First, I only gave her the microphone and keep the rest for other days. She was very excited when I gave it to her and she happily singing away. I kept the rest of the set in my room.

Yesterday morning, as I was getting ready to work she discovered the remaining parts of the microphone and requested for it. I have no choice but gave it to her as she seems to know that those are suppose to complete the microphone that I gave her earlier. So, I took the set downstairs and set it up for her.

See how stylish that is...


  1. This is SOOoooo COOL ! where can i buy one ? :)

  2. can be future 星妈 aldy...hahaha

  3. My daughter, Jie Yan have the same one as her 2nd birthday present!