Thursday, May 22, 2008

Follow Instructions

Charlotte loves to read and draw. So packing up books and drawing tools are very important when we plan to dine out, to keep her on her hair chair while waiting for the food to serve.

Instead of scribbling, she is now able to draw meaningful object, close enough for us to recognize it. I have also started to introduce stencils that she can use to trace, which needs more of her hand and wrist coodination.

She also loves to play with stamps, she calls it "chop chop". I bought many different stamps for her and she started with just learn to use the stamps the correct way and as she has mastered the stampping skill I am adding additional instruction to her whenever she plays with stamps. I drew square boxes on the paper and asked her to stamp inside the box. Of course, the boxes are much more bigger than the stamp to start with, and she did it very well.

I also started to let her do some simple coloring. I drew some basic shapes, and ask her to find the shape and color it. The instruction given to her was that the color needs to stay inside the line, and I could see she was trying very hard to accomplish it.

I started of by showing her what it means by coloring the 2 at the bottom right corner. She then did the square beside it, the second one on the left is getting better and then the pink color circle was very good. She then moved on towards the left with the green but it was not done very well and when I interupted her she was more like in giving up mode and she started to scribble again, those were the yellow lines...but she continued the day after and the result was quite good (to me).

This is just a begining, simple task to us does not mean as simple as to the toddlers/preschoolers. They are at their exploring stage and I know she is going to master the skill soon.

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