Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sand & Beach

Charlotte had her 2nd experience with sand and beach last Sunday, together with a couple of her playgroup friends. I picked up her beach play set a few days ago and thought it has been quite awhile since we took her to the beach. So I made her a promise that I will bring her to the beach again this week and also inviting some of her friends. It was not a pre-arranged event but we had a very good turn out! The kids had fun, the parents discovered new beach :)

Charlotte's previous experience with sand and beach wasn't very encouraging but she has improved so much this time round. In fact, she enjoyed the sand, water and sea shells so much that I managed to "cheat" 2 delicious sandwiches that JM made while she was happily playing.

We all brought along quite a number of beach toy set and all the kids had fun digging, pouring, and building sand molds.

Both Charlotte and Bryan soon advanced out to the sea water, Wei Xuan was very determined and only wanted to play with the sand. Charlotte then discovered that she could make rain with the watering pot that we brought and she was very busy filling water and pouring it out over and over again.

What an interesting post she made!?

It was a great great outing I have to say and it is a better location then the famous Batu Ferringhi beach considering the distant and crowd. I think we should do it again ;)

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