Sunday, April 6, 2008

Back To Basics

If you think this is about cloth diapering , you are wrong. I know it's like a hot cake these days but Charlotte is potty trained, so I don't have to worry about diaper anymore.

I can't recall what was the discussion topic we had last Friday night that lead to Charlotte asked us to bring her on a ferry. We agreed to it of course, and we thought it's a good idea to let her explore and experience new thing.

She had her first ferry ride last Saturday night. We took a ferry from Penang island to the mainland. We were lucky that the wait at the Penang jetty wasn't very long. It was only about 10min if I'm not mistaken then we were off to the ferry. Initially, Charlotte was a little nervous. She said "Charlotte (s)cared" as we took her down from the car and carried her to the front of the ferry to show her the "sea view". But very soon after, she said "Charlotte not (s)cared d". I think she enjoyed the ferry ride very much. It was a very nice night, breeze and all but it was a bit too dark. She couldn't really see the view as we wanted her to but overall it was great!

On Sunday, we took her for another ferry ride. Haha, it was our idea this time. We were somewhere in town till around noon and it was almost Charlotte's nap time. So Pat suggested that we go to the Sunway Carnival Mall and let her sleep in the car for a bit, then we take ferry back from Butterworth this time. Sounds perfect and off we went. The traffic was smooth and it only took us <30min.
We had lunch at the mall and walked around for a bit then we decided to offer Charlotte another ferry ride. She happily accepted it and was very looking forward to it. We got very lucky this trip as we were boarded to the upper deck of a double-deck ferry, all for vehicles! I got a little excited myself too (he! he!). Again, we got down from the car and watched the ferry took it's journey from one end to the other. We had a greater view this round as it was a day time and Charlotte was very excited as she saw many other boats and ships clearer too. The weather was a bit warm though. We would take a evening ride next time ;)

It was a great experience for Charlotte, and for us too (I think my last ferry ride was maybe sometime back in 1980s). The only regret was, I didn't bring my camera, for both trips :(


  1. Not even a camera phone ah? Aiya...I bet the view must have been pretty.

  2. give us a ring the next time you're planning to cross over from island to mainland :)