Thursday, April 24, 2008

My First Project

Finally it is ready to be shared! I started this scrapbook many many months ago, I only made very small progress each time mainly because I can only do it at night when Charlotte already goes to bed. However, my job requires me to work at very odd hours simply because I am holding a worldwide position and I have quite a bit of late night meetings. Many times I felt like completing this scrapbook but I just couldn't find enough time and "spirit" especially after long night meetings.

I'm glad that I finally completed it and it is all worth the effort. I hope this will give Charlotte a good memory and story of her very 1st year.

I am so proud of this accomplishment. Thanks to those whom provided me so many advices and assistance especially in material sourcing from overseas.


  1. Bravo mommy!

    I wanna see, i wanna see...

  2. I want to see it too... Looks to beautiful.. Worth all the time and effort that you put in

  3. Wow !! it's simply breathtaking !!
    amazing !