Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Princess Tooth Brush

It wasn't a very successful activity with Charlotte when I post about the teeth brushing training back in January this year. I didn't give up, nor give in, but continue to look for ways that I can keep Charlotte's teeth white and clean.

I bought her this about a month ago...

With the spinning motion, chances to get each and everty of Charlotte's teeth brushed are higher compared to the manual/traditional tooth brush, especially when she struggles. She named it "Princess Tooth Brush" and she loves it as usual, new toy to her! Of course, each time she negotiated with me that she wants to hold the tooth brush and brush herself. I promised her when I finish brushing her teeth I will give her the tooth brush. This deal went pretty alright for the first few days. I could brush her teeth completely and totally hassle free. But she gets smarter each day and very soon she insisted to have the tooth brush and brush herself. I had no choice but to force her down, and of course she cried! As she cried, I quickly turn on the tooh brush, locked her in my arms and start the brushing. In fact, it was very easy because her mouth was wide open and I could see very clearly and move the tooth brush freely (ha!). This continued on for a couple of days and I did the same, locked her in my arms when she did not cooperate.

By the 3rd time, she knew she is not going to win in this battle. She cooperated very well when she saw me bringing the tooth brush. She said "Charlotte lie down". Yes, I told her to rest her back in 45 degree angle, either on the couch or on the bed. That way I can see her teeth better witout having to bend down and twist my neck. She then let me brush her teeth without any struggle. As a reward, I let her had the tooth brush when I was done. She was happily "brushing" and said " Charlotte massage!". I have no idea where she learn that "massage" thing from.

It has been about 1 month now, I brush her teeth every morning and night. Although every now and then she still try her luck to negotiate, but when I ask her if she wants me to force her down and brush, she will cooperate rather well. Brushing has became another activity that both of us enjoy doing together.

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  1. Wow....how much does this cost, and does it come in the *prince* version?