Monday, April 14, 2008

"Weaned" From Bottle

If I have not write about how Charlotte takes milk I should probably do it here as I want to remember it and I also want Charlotte to read about it when she grows up. I did however, post about her being a picky eater earlier.

Charlotte takes milk very reluctantly, in fact at her age she only takes about 6-7oz, 2-3 times a day. Because she rejects milk I feed her when she sleeps. She takes pacifier when she sleeps, so what I did was pull out the pacifier when she was already asleep and quickly swap it in with the bottle tit. Without much hassle she normally finished the 6-7oz milk.

About a month back, I continued to do the same but she kept pushing out the tit each time I swapped the pacifier with the bottle. Sometimes I managed to feed her maybe only 5oz milk in a day. By the 3rd day, I knew this trick doesn't work anymore. I switched to the sipping cup instead. But she rejected it after the first sip. I had no choice but to spoon feed her. Sometimes she pushed away the spoon and the milk spilled everywhere. What I do next? I use the syringe, yes the syringe when you need to feed them medicine. I know it's not a very good idea, but at least I can feed her until the last drop without having the milk spilled all on the floor and ended up with one cranky toddler and an angry mother.

I thought maybe it's the formula so I switched the formula milk. Her PD recommended Nestle Nutrien. It came in a small 400g can and Charlotte could finished off in about 4 days. Although still "spoon" feed, I thought Charlotte like this formula milk better than the Pediasure. So, after bought 4 separate cans for about 2 weeks I purchased 1 carton (12 cans) straight away. Feeding was alright but later I found she ended up with constipation. I had to switch back to Pediasure. Now the Nestle Nutrien would be my back-up, use when Charlotte rejects Pediasure again...

So, officially Charlotte is "weaned" off from bottle. This is an unplanned milestone but not a bad thing to happen anyway. Also, since now she is taking milk while she is "awake" we get to brush her teeth before bed :)


  1. Wow, these are great feeding ways that i never thought of! very creative mommy :)

  2. Actually the lactation counsellor was telling me that kids over the age of one do not need to be weaned onto formula. So perhaps, if she really does not like it, just let it be and subsitute with other dairy products like cheese or yogurt. That being said, 6-7oz is NOT considered ONLY's considered quite a lot :)