Tuesday, April 22, 2008

3rd Semester At Kindermusik

It has been months since I last participate at Charlotte's music class at Kindermusik. We still continue her lessons but her daddy brings her most of the time due to my injured wrist condition. In fact, we just signed up the 3rd semester for Charlotte and the theme is Fiddle-Dee-Dee.

I noticed a great deal of improvement of Charlotte participating, enjoying the lesson and so much more responsive compared to the last time. She was very involved and responsive to every single action and movement the teacher asked and very independant. I used to (and had to) do everything together with her and beside her, encourage her to get involved. She is able to take the instruction from the teacher and did the action/movement that the teacher asked wihtout needing me to partner with her. She can partner with her teacher and with other kids and she is ok to hold hands with others (including other parents) when it comes to a circle activity. Of course, on and off she will look out for me and sort of asking for assurance and praise when she did it correctly.

When it comes to story time, she paid full attention listening to the teacher and all the time she was sitting on the "story telling mat"! The teacher will only take out this mat when it comes to story time and she will put it away when the story is finished. Charlotte used to decline sitting on the mat together with the rest of the kids. She preffered to sit on my lap but yet couldn't sit still throughout the whole story time. This round, she sat down on the mat before I even told her to do so, and she sat there throughout the whole story time and was answering questions that the teacher asked, totally responsive and involved!

Towards the end of each session, there is about a 5min "quiet time" where the teacher will pull out a basket of soft toys for them to take one each and lie down listening to the soft music while the room light is dimmed. When the quiet time is over, the teacher will ask them to put back the toy and continue for one last activity before they sing the "Goodbye" song. Charlotte was so tuned to that "quiet time" and I could see she totally into the relax mode when the light was dimmed.
I talked to her teacher after the lesson and the teacher said probably she is ready to be graduated from "Our Time" to another level. I was so happy to hear that!

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