Wednesday, December 5, 2007

''No Cry!''

Charlotte is now potty trained. She is able to tell us every time when she needs to wee-wee or poo-poo. However, this doesn't mean that she has gotten over the phobia of doing the "big business". I can tell when she wants to poo-poo instead of wee-wee even though she said "ng-ng" to indicate that she needs the potty. I can tell by her facial expression. Somehow, she has this concern look when she is about to poo-poo. Mainly because she is not doing the "big business" everyday like most of the toddlers. Usually, both Brenda and I are counting the days if Charlotte has not poo-poo. My limit is 3-4 days, by then I will have to apply the suppository.

Last week, she told me that she wants to "ng-ng" and immediately I know (from her facial expression) that it has to be the "big business". So I brought her the potty and she sat down. I could tell that she is trying to over come her fear of doing bowel movement. She held my hand very tightly and leaned forward on me (yeah, while sitting on the potty). I tried to comfort her and told her that it's really nothing to be afraid of, it will be over before you know it. She tried to hold back her tears and tried to push harder and then he said "no cry!". I was very impressed of her determination of getting the "task" completed.

No too long after that, she clapped her hands and said "sai sai", "no cry!". I know everything was over then, phew! I tell you, it's really a relief knowing it's over and usually it would be a big news to tell everyone in the family.

After I cleaned her up, she wanted to see the "output" and I thought I should show it to her, hopefully she will understand that it's really nothing to be afraid of. So, I showed it to her and she giggles and said "chou chou" (smelly), LOL!


  1. Sounds like my niece Carena... Very pathetic... You can try feeding her more sweet potatoes. It helps!

  2. Such a brave and good girl! Good to hear that Charlotte's on potty training now - save lots on the diapers.

  3. I am still waiting for the day when Bryan will tell us and when he will use the potty/ toilet

  4. Next to teach her how to flush! Hehe

  5. Joyce - Yes, she knows how to flush. We let her wuse the toilet seat too ;)

  6. ha ha ha ..she look so cool..and also cute while doing her business hahaha