Sunday, November 25, 2007

School Holiday!

Oh well, not that Charlotte is excited about the school holiday but she is definitely very happy with many of her cousins are back from other places and keeping her company.

First, I received a call last week from my nephew Isaiah...

Isaiah: Kor Kor, when are you bring Charlotte here again?
Me: Did you miss Charlotte?
Isaiah: Yes la, bring her her and play la
Me: Ok, but please check with you mommy first
Isaiah: (asking mommy)...yes, mommy says ok
Me: Ok, KorKor bring Charlotte on Wednesday ok?
Isaiah: Yay!!!

I agreed and took Charlotte there last Wednesday and Friday. She was very happy with her KoKo's company even though the KoKos were playing computer games, Nintendo Wii by themselves. She was just happy seeing them shouting and screaming as the game gets more and more exciting.

Last Sunday, we took 6 kids to EQ for swimming. We had children ages from 2 to 14 (MIL has 11 children in total and 8 out of 11 are married with kids. Just imagine when all are back for holiday. The house is always full of people and noise too). Charlotte enjoyed it so much more compared to usual, when it was just mommy and daddy with her in the pool. Also, since she is the youngest in the family everyone is treating her like a princess, with the extra TLCs.

Everybody is in their most stunning swim suit and with the biggest smile posting for the picture...See how my little princess is so proud of being around with all the big brothers and sisters.

No pictures were taken when we were in the pool because both Pat and I were in the pool taking care of the children. Charlotte, of course was in her float but after awhile she learnt that she was the only one in the float and everyone else was free a a bird. She first refused to be pushed, she wantz to kick and move by herself like the rest. She doesn't know that no matter how hard she tried, she is only going in a circle. We had to push her secretly from the back so that she can move forward (ha! ha!). Later, she decided to come out from the float and swim like the rest. So, daddy had to carry her in the pool for about a good 30min before we call it a day.

Luckily getting her out from the pool wasn't very difficult as I thought it would be. I first asked all the big brothers and sisters to get out from the pool, then I know Charlotte would follow. Good strategy? Yes, I learnt too :)

After the clean-up, we spent a short while at the pool side and the kids were having fun playing together.

Later that evening, Charlotte slept from 5.00pm till 7.15pm. I had to wake her up in purpose, otherwise we will have a sleepless night.

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  1. What fun! Soon she will be swimming like a fish!
    Where's Charlotte in her bikini?