Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Underneath the Mistletoe

Yes, those were Charlotte's Christmas presents. I told Charlotte to put all her presents under the Christmas tree and can only open them on the Christams day. She followed my instruction completely even though she remembers the 1st Christmas present that we bought for her wrapped in the yellow color ToysRUs gift paper. She kept asking for it everyday but we told her she can only open it on Christmas day.

This year, we managed to attend the Christmas Eve Mid Night Service at church too. Charlotte again was very delighted to see the Christmas performance by the Sunday School children and she was also received the blessing from the pastor as I brought her forward during the Holy Communion. We left the church right after the Holy Communion but the next morning my mom told me that Santa Clause came soon after we left. Again, Charlotte missed it.

See how excited was Charlotte when she gets to open up all the presents finally...

I was surprise to see when she picked up a present and started to shake it like how the adults used to do. I never thought her that and wonder how she knew how to do it that way.

She received a wide variety of gifts, such as books, crayons, toys, game set, shoes and dresses. She was very excited and overwhelmed with all the presents received. My guess is, she is going have some level of expectation when comes to Christmas next year. I better start to tell her to be good if she wants more (quality & quantity) presents next year, hee hee!

Merry Christmas Baby!!!


  1. wow...time to get a toy room for her...LOL

  2. You can start singing " You better watch out, you better not cry..." :)