Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Carol

We missed the Christmas carol at my parents' place last year because the caroling team only came after 11pm and Charlotte was too young back then to stay up till late night. This year however, the caroling committee managed to arrange for an earlier schedule to the house and Charlotte was able to witness the Christmas carol for the first time!

On Dec 22nd, I dressed her up in red and white jumper that we bought for her from Jusco. It was a perfect Christmas dress and Charlotte looks so adorable in it.

The caroling team came right on time, 10.00pm. The ladies were in white dresses and white shirts/black pants for men. The team also had 2 little "angles" with them (I don't remember we have that before) and they both wore a angle crown (more like a hairband), angle wing (or butterfly wing?) and a wand in their hands. When they were all standing at the doorstep Charlotte was delighted to see them, especially the angles. She kept very quiet, observing and admiring the carolling team throughout the session. I think she has the potential to be in the church choir, just like mommy (hee hee). I joined the caroling when I was 8. I was the youngest in the team because back then the church only allowed >13 years old to participate in the caroling. We didn't have the little angles role back then, and we were expected to remember all the songs (around 15-20 songs) by heart (yeah, I saw them bringing along the song book this time).

The only thing missing this year was the Santa Clause! Where has the Santa gone? I was telling Charlotte that she could see the Santa Clause that night. Although I didn't think that she knows what Santa really is even though we bought her a toy Santa at home. Apparently, the carolling team has been split into 2 to accommodate the number of houses to visit each night. The Santa Clause is following team #1. I am disappointed a little when I knew about the situation, however it could also be a good thing because I was also worried if Charlotte is scared of the Santa just like she is scared of the clown giving out balloons at the mall sometimes. I was prepared to tell the Santa don't come to shake hand with Charlotte when they arrived because I know about the carolling "process" very well. God must have knew about my worries, Amen!

Charlotte was very delighted with the whole carolling "thingy". She even blow kisses to the team when they were in the van prepared to leave for another house. The carolling team wind down the window and all blew kisses back to Charlotte too and shouted Merry Christmas as the van moved away.

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