Saturday, December 29, 2007

Another Visit to PD

My entire family was sick this Christmas (or should I say last Christmas? anyway, I mean 2007). It started with me, had really bad soar throat 2 weeks before Christmas. I recovered from soar throat but it became cough and flu. Then Charlotte got it from me, then Pat and eventually Brenda too.

I took Charlotte to the doctor when I first spotted some symptoms on her. Unfortunately, she did not respond very well to the medicine prescribed to her and her cough was getting worst and with phlegm. On Wednesday night, Dec 26th she had a slight fever and I decided to bring her to Dr. Rama the next morning.

I did the usual preparation with Charlotte, making sure that she knows where we are taking her and she would anticipate the checking from the PD. We arrived at GMC around 10am but we waited until 11.30am. While we were waiting, I told Charlotte Dr. Rama is going to check on her chest, ears and throat. She then said to me "kiss, hand" and showed her hand to me. That was because during her last visit she was such a good girl and Dr. Rama kissed her on her hand and she remembered!

Usually, Dr. Rama will be checking her as she sits on my lap. I don't know what happened that day, Dr. Rama requested Charlotte to lie down on the examination bed. I thought that is going to trigger her to scream and cry again. To my surprise, Charlotte cooperated. She lay down and let Dr. Rama do the checking, on her stomach, listen to her lungs with the stetoscope and checked her ears and throat. Not a sign of concern or discomfort showed on her face.

I then carried her up and let her sat on my lap as Dr. Rama explained and prescribed the medicines. Suddenly, Charlotte said "doc-tor-Ra-ma", slow but very clear! Dr. Rama, the nurse, and Brenda all broke the silence with big laugh! Oh dear, my girl is applying what I thought her!

Dr. Rama prescribed 4 medications, including a 3 days course antibiotic and phlegm relieves. Luckily, feeding medicine is not as difficult as it used to be anymore otherwise I will have big headache to make Charlotte take all these medicines.

Good news is, she has fully recovered now!

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  1. wow...she made your day on the "Doctor Rama"...