Tuesday, December 18, 2007

So Courteous

Charlotte is learning to apply "sorry", "excuse me" and "thank you" in her daily conversation recently. A few situations I found out recently...

Situation 1
When Charlotte is trying to get pass us through a narrow walk away, she says "excuse me"!

Situation 2
When Charlotte is hit by something or fell down, sometimes she says "sorry". I think that's because we used to say that to her when she's in pain. So she picked it up and apply it that way too (oops...)

Situation 3
Charlotte loves to run at Malls and hypermarkets. When it is so crowded and she kept bumping into people, she kept saying "sorry" to the person in front and turn to another direction and continue running. Like an energizer bunny. The way she says it is so sweet and innocent but with so much pride! Sometimes I could hear people commenting "so clever this girl!"

Situation 4
When you give something to Charlotte, if she is impressed she will say "woh!" but she always forget to say "thank you!" until we reminded her.

I came back from lunch last Tuesday with a big bag of Christmas presents (thanks to the mother from the playgroup). I gave the bag to her and she peeked inside and said "woh!!!" and showed me a big grin. I told her those are her Christmas presents and asked her to put all the presents under the Christmas tree and can only open them on the Christmas Day. She did exactly as I told. I don't think she knows when is Christmas (or what is Christmas) exactly but I guess she just has so much trust in me that I will give it to her one day. So she didn't hesitate at all. Good girl, isn't she? But she forgot to say "thank you" *slap head*

Situation 5
I found that the Coffee Beans is selling packets of very cute mini gingerbread man. Six pieces in a pack, cost RM9.60. I bought one for Charlotte (not that she loves to eat it but it's just kinda cute and also good chance to show her what a gingerbread man cookie is) and she said "woh!!" (as expected) when I gave it to her. I asked her if she wants to eat it and she nodded. So I took out 1piece and gave it to her. It is kinda hard and she couldn't bit it off at first. I told her to bite at the gingerbread man's hand, it has a tinnier structure and should be easier to bit it off. She did it, and gave me a big grin. A short while later, I heard she said "sorry"! Then she went on to bite at the other hand, then again she said sorry after the hand was bitten off. *LOL*


  1. Apologizing to the Gingerbread Man? That is wayyy too cute!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Say sorry liao continue to eat the gingerbread man ah? hehehe