Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Water & Sand!

Last week, Pat came back from business trip and decided to bring Charlotte to the beach in the evening. It was Charlotte's first visit to the beach and we wonder if she will enjoy it.

Since our house is quite a distance from the the Penang most famous beaches (Batu Ferringhi), we decided to only bring Charlotte to the nearby fisherman's beach at Teluk Kumbar. When I told Charlotte that we are taking her to the beach she was very excited (as usual) but I doubt she knows what I was talking about. To her, maybe it's just another "kai kai" trip. I told Brenda to prepare her beach spade set and get some clothes for me to change her later. Charlotte then said bye bye to her aunty Brenda and off we went.

She was really excited and jumping with joy when she saw the beach. She start to sing "roll, roll, roll the boat..." (with action too!) when she spotted a fisherman's boat. There were a few people nearby and gave me this smile as if telling me that she is such a clever girl! *proud*

I asked her if she wants to get down and walk on the sand, she replied "yes!". So I took off her shoes but inside me I was doubting if she knows how it feels like. Just as I expected, immediately after her feet touched the sand she clung back on to me and said "no! ak ak (dirty)!". We then brought her closer to the shoreline as the sands are finer there compared to the one she just experience. But nothing's changed, she still didn't want to get down. We tried to distract and convince her with all different things and objects we could spot from the beach, nothing worked out until we took out the spade set. Daddy started to show her how to use the spade set and dig into the sand. Thank goodness, she finally agreed to go down and stand on her own feet.

She started to enjoy the digging and sand castle building. Pat even found a baby crab and showed it to her. We put the baby crab into the bucket and thought Charlotte would be fascinated looking at it but again, we were wrong. She didn't want to have the crab and kept saying "no, throw away!". She just want to enjoy the digging...

While Charlotte was enjoying the digging, one small wave falling in and wet her feet and pants (yes, we were very close by the shoreline). That triggered her and she started to get uncomfortable again. We then had to bring her further up from the shoreline and reassured her that it's safe there.

What's about going to the beach without touching the water and feeling it? Before we head home, we decided to let Charlotte try it again. Pat showed her as he washes his feet by the shoreline. Charlotte found it interesting and decided to try it but was holding on her daddy very tightly. She giggled as Pat carried her and let her feet touched the water but she didn't want to get down, still.

It was only for a very short while and she started to struggle again. She lifted up both of her legs indicating that she has had enough of it. It was a very funny moment and I managed to capture it.

On our way back, I asked her if she wants to go the beach again, she shook her head. I thought maybe she didn't get what I was asking, so I asked again. Same reply. I then asked her if she wants to go to the mall? She nodded and said "Bay Mall" (Quessbay Mall). Well, she did get what I meant, I was the one didn't get her.


  1. The photo of her lifting up her feet is so cute :)

  2. You've got a mall addict there, for sure!