Saturday, June 27, 2009

How Would You Like Your Cookies To Look Like?

Enough of cakes, it's time for cookies. I am never good with cookies. The dough I make is always wet and soft, the cookies cutouts always stuck on the working surface. But it never stop me from trying :)

First I tried the doggie cookies again as Charlotte took an "order" from her friend in school. I made it with Horlicks this time and I love this version better than the Milo version. It looked better with the color contrast, it also tasted better.

The little bottles were for Charlotte's friends in school :)

Then I tried a new butter cookies recipe and when I was just preparing the dough I found it was a little dry than usual. So I thought this should be it as I always got it too wet and too soft. As I was rolling out the dough, it started to crack here and there :( I had to make the cutouts really carefully and transferring it from the working surface to the baking tray. I was harder than I thought but it worked!

It looked nice, tasted great but still need a little bit of practise on working with the dough :)


  1. Thanks for the cookies Hooi Ling.
    I love the ones with the Pooh face.
    Not just tasting great, it has that commercial look too... :)

  2. the "bento mamasak' you purchased earlier.."paid off" liao...look good