Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yummy Chocolate Swirl Frozen Cheesecake

I have been baking almost every week lately, mostly improving my skills on some of the old recipes that I (and my family members) really love. Occasionally, I also try new recipes but only on those that really interest me, just like the cheddar cheese cake (I can't mention enough of this).

This week, I made my husband's favorite frozen cheesecake again with chocolate swirl. I did this a couple of weeks back for a family gathering but I forgot to take a picture. So I made it again just for the picture library and shared it with friends.

I tried to swirl with Ribena before, it tasted great but the color contrast wasn't very good because I didn't put enough amount of Ribena to make the purple color stands out. The last chocolate swirl that I made was not quite successful either as I had the chocolate portion to much and instead of making a swirl the whole cake almost looked like a chocolate cheesecake.

I think I did it alright this time although the patterns are still not to my satisfactory.