Thursday, July 2, 2009

For The Better

1st July marked a whole new chapter of life for me and my family. I am now officially a stay-at-home-mom.

My company is actively restructuring and down sizing its organizations due to the slow down in global economy situation. After much discussions with Pat, I volunteered myself when the company announced the option, hoping for more quality time to spend with my family members but I was told that it was not a voluntary program for our department. The idea was put aside since then.

Early May, my maid mentioned to me that she did not want to continue for another year (we had a verbal agreement on that) when her contract ends this year. It was over a very small conflict that we had. She was supposed to finish her contract until Sept this year but I sent her off immediately when she mentioned that. The thing was, she made me lost the trust that I had for her over this incident and I couldn't bear thinking and worrying for what potential risks that we are going to run into by keeping her even for just another day. So we decided that it was the best option to send her off immediately and I told Pat that I do not want a replacement, for now.

After I lost my maid, I approached my manager again for the option. Again, I did not get a very positive response. For the whole month of May I practically running like chicken without heads, multi-tasking almost everything, everyday. I was thankful that I was allowed to work from home quite a bit in my job as it was a global role. But yet, 24hours a day seemed too short to have.

By end May, I managed to get my routine and tasks including work, house chores, child care, meals pretty much under control but yet it was not perfect. It was a very effective slimming program too that I shed 2kg just that. The weight lost was not due to conscious dieting but it was because of exhaustion that put off my appetite most of the time. I approached my manager again by end May and let her know that if they need to work out a "list" or to meet the "quota", I would be happy to name myself. She acknowledged that and I was asked to be patient.

First week of June, I got a meeting invite by my manager and a HR manager was also invited to join the meeting. I thought "this is it!" but...yes, my position was affected but I was not automatically put into the Work Force Managed pool but rather into the redeployment pool. If no job offer by end of June, I will leave under the WFM program but if I reject an offer I walk out the company without anything. You know what I mean? I was like "what???"!!! Does that mean I had to pretend dumb in each interview so that I don't get an offer? I don't want to do that ok? It's a value issue! Anyway, just to cut the story short, please know that it was not easy for me for the last 3 weeks in the company ;)

Looking back, I was worried of all sorts of "what if" when I lost my maid. I was frustrated when over whelmed by work and chores. But now I know that everything happens for a reason. More so, I know God has everything planned for us and we just need to look upon Him. Everything happens for a reason. For this, it is for the better :)

So, who is the happiest person in the whole world right now? Charlotte la, of course! She has my undivided attention all the time :) I am happy that I can run the house, do the chores, prepare the meals and taking care of my family knowing that everything is safe, clean, healthy, and with LOVE!

Cheers to all stay-at-home-mom!!!


  1. Wow, congrates!

    We are working towards this also. Hopefully we can survive through single income in 2 years time. Then I can quit when HL start Std 1.

  2. Congratulations on your new role! You are now officially the CEO at home. Charlotte is such a lucky girl!

  3. Cheers for the better *with a glass of Cheval Blanc* LOL

  4. Wow...stay at home mum! No need to work. Not sure I can adjust to it? Hmm... but it must be great you able to spend more time with Charlotte.

  5. so happy for u that your dream and wish is finally granted.. :)

  6. Wow, good for you! It's amazing how little children changed our lives, ya?

  7. Great to know that you can now be devoted to something else other than work. Congratulations.

  8. I agree with u on things happen for a reason and I'm glad you have a positive outlook too! Happy for you and Charlotte.

    Cheers for being your own boss!

  9. Aiyoh, i was hoping my company going on a restructuring too. Been so sick of working. I want to stay home too. I want to be a Mummy to my kids. Make bento for them!