Friday, June 12, 2009

Holidays Mean "Out Of Town"!

Right after the Penang Hill trip, we had 2 consecutive nights of dinner gathering with family and friends. Which also means, I didn't have to cook dinner for 2 nights *big grin* but I made a chocolate swirl frozen cheesecake and another cheddar cheese cake for each of the occasion and the guests loved it!

We headed for Seremban on Saturday morning, the car boot was already 95% full when we leave the house, can you imagine how overloaded was it when we came home? Anyway, we met up with family members, had a nice hotel stay, good food, great catch up, everybody just had a lot of fun.

We brought along Charlotte's scooter and she had a big show-off at the park on the first evening there at Seremban.

Then we saw there was a big field where a lot of people were flying kites there. Charlotte had been asking for kite flying for the longest time but because we couldn't really find the right moment to make it happen for her it was still on the to-do list. So we thought that was just the great timing to make it happen and we went ahead to get her another kite (we didn't bring along one) and one for her cousin Christopher. It was daddy's job to make it "fly" but it wasn't that easy, some more Charlotte chose a big kite! Daddy was sweating just trying to get it up in the sky...

We had to catch the wind and only after several attempts and finally her kite flew up in the sky! But the wind only lasted for a short while and soon the sky turned dark. We had to call it off and head out for dinner. Lucky thing was Charlotte had her kite flew high but not Christopher. She was quite contented and willing to leave the park but poor Christopher was crying and throwing quite a big tantrum at that (the boy in this picture is Christopher).

Charlotte actually did a great job in keeping her kite flying up high...

I don't know what happened on the way to the restaurant as we went in different cars, Christopher was back to his normal self again when we met again at the restaurant, phew! We called it a night after a that big great dinner, it was almost 11pm when we returned to the hotel rooms.

I was surprised that everybody came to this trip very well prepared. I secretly prepared Charlotte’s swim suits thought just in case there will be a swimming session at the hotel but to my surprise others also brought along tennis rackets and stuffs. The next morning, before checking out the hotel younger children (mainly Charlotte and Christopher la) were going to swim at the hotel pool, Charlotte’s other cousins and uncles were playing a tennis game while the rest of the adults continued to chit chat at their convenience.

Charlotte shows her improvement in swimming, she was able to move or "swim" quite quickly across the pool when we put her on the float! Once again, Christopher was throwing tantrum at the pool side, he wanted to get into the water and swim like Charlotte but he was afraid of water! We tried to hoax him, gave him the float but still he was afraid and yet frustrated because he couldn't play in the pool like Charlotte. We had to leave him sitting by the poolside with his mommy. We checked out the hotel after a good shower.

Next stop, KL!!!

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