Friday, June 26, 2009

It's Just A Matter of Time

Pat and I love durian. In our younger days, it was never too much for us. I would be very surprise to know if Charlotte doesn't carry this taste bud with her.

I tried giving it to Charlotte last year but she didn't quite like it. A couple of taste of it later she called it off. I remembered some of my friend's child (same age as Charlotte) was already enjoying it. I was really wondering how could her taste buds be so different.

It's durian season now and especially in Penang we get to enjoy a wide variety of grades of durian and good quality too. I bought my first batch 2 weeks back and I asked if Charlotte would like to try it. I was mentally prepared that she might not take a lot of it since her taste of food is rather conservative. To my surprise, she LOVED it! I had to control her not to take too many this time as the weather is not good. The next day, she even had it with rice as her lunch!

I bought it again this week and managed to snap a few precious moment of her enjoying the king of fruits...

She was not worried of getting her hands dirty too (Normally she gave up the food if it makes her hands or mouth dirty)! She does inherited our love for durian too :)


  1. Both of us love durian too! But, we didn't encourage Alex too take too much as we know it's heaty. So, when Arthur mentioned that she helped herself at the dusun (I didn't go), I was surprised coz normally at home she doesn't touch it. I guess it must be atmosphere.

  2. Wow! She certainly looks like she's enjoying every bite of the durian.