Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Before Holiday Ended

After Seremban, it was KL but nothing much to blog about as it was mostly a shop and eat trip and I don't have many pictures to share but one that I cannot miss out.

Charlotte's KorKor (Pat's sister) promised her this dress (Bell's dress from Beauty & The Beast) on our last trip to KL and since then Charlotte had been asking for it. Every time Pat went and came back KL she will ask why daddy didn't bring it home. She asked when we left home for this trip, it took her 2 days waiting and looking forward to it. This was when her patience paid off...!

We stopped in KL for a couple of days and next stop, Cameron Highlands! Unfortunately, the day before we depart for Cameron the hotel called to inform us that they were having water disruption and there was no promise if it would be back to normal by the time we check-in. We gave it a thought and only after a fair consideration of convenience and hygiene, we called off the Cameron trip.

We were back home 2 days earlier than schedule. It was a good thing because I had to help Charlotte finish up her homework before school starts again I myself get a couple assignment from her form teacher too. Will talk about that in separate post.

This was a very good holiday trip, Charlotte was behaving very well, ate well, slept well, played well, and even pooped well :) What more can I ask ;)

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