Thursday, August 16, 2007

Kids Learn Fast!

We bought Charlotte a train set (Thomas & Friends) a couple of months back because we noticed that she was very fascinated by the set that her cousin Christopher has when we visited him in May. She loves to play with the train but not on the track. She likes to ask us to let the train run in between her legs. This is how she asks - first she pointed to the train to ask us to turn it on for her. Then, she will stand with both legs wide apart and point to us to let the train go between her legs :D

She used to have 1 remote controllable car, it was a model car of Smart for 2 that we bought it from ToysRUs but that only lasted for 1 month. We didn't throw it away since it was quite expensive but Charlotte wanted us to turn it on every time she sees it. We tried to explain it to her that it's already broken but she couldn't understand and made a lot of fuss. So, we decided to buy her a new one. We went to TESCO a few weeks back and saw there was a kiosk selling all the remote control model cars and so we got her one with lights on the wheels when it is turned on.

Some time last week, she sat very quietly by herself and was flipping around with her car. I didn't know what she was trying to do and so I observed it. She turned the car upside down, looked for the red button and turned the car on! Just like how we always do when she asked us to turn on the car for her. But she is still learning to use the controller unit. I then asked her to turn on the train set because I was very curious to know if she knows how to do that. She did it too!! I'm really impressed by how fast kids pick up new learning.

Just last night, she did that again and I managed to capture a short video clips of both...


  1. Yes...that's why we can never underestimate them... :-)

  2. No wonder she was so taken with Ethan's toy train ride-on! :P

  3. I know what to get for her for her birthday.

    Charlotte, aunty will buy a big doll for you, OK? LOL!

  4. Pei Sze - yes, most of her toys are boy's toys :p

  5. So smart!! ahaahaha :)