Friday, August 24, 2007

First Time to Penang Hill

It's a school holidays this week and many of Charlotte's cousins are back to Penang. Christopher and Rachel are back and of course Kimberly, Emily, Samantha, and Joyce are visiting to Ah Ma's house more often this week. Charlotte is very happy and excited with all the cousins and Koo-Koo around.

Last night, Rachel's mommy suggested to go to Penang Hill and have dinner (steamboat) at the Bellevue Hotel. Both Pat and I went home early to get ready and we arrived at the foot hill around 6.00pm. There, Charlotte was very excited to see the pigeons up close and personal...

We then took the 6.30pm cable car and headed straight to Bellevue Hotel for the steamboat dinner. It was a very extraordinary experience for us (we didn't know there is a restaurant serving steamboat at Penang Hill, and apparently it has been there for a long long time). The steamboat is set out side of the restaurant, over looking the city view. It was spectacular especially when all the city lights were lighted up later in the evening. It also has a big garden where Charlotte enjoyed running around while we were having dinner.

The steamboat is using the traditional charcoal method and it took a long time to boil. Charlotte was hungry and she couldn't wait for the dish to cook but started to scoop and feed herself with just white rice. I brought along Charlotte's feeding bowl (with the suction on the bottom) and it helps to hold down the bowl while she's eating. She was half full when the dishes were finally cooked. I gave her a few fish balls and tou foo, cut into small pieces and let her use the fork to feed herself (key learning from the recent KL trip). I learned something new about Charlotte this trip too - As I was trying to feed her the soup with my spoon she rejected it and Brenda told me that she wants to drink from the bowl! So I believed it, I brought the bowl closer to Charlotte and she drank it like an expert and finished it without getting her dress wet! Though she didn't have much but at least something to last her until her bed time "nen nen".

We took the 9.00pm cable car down. Charlotte had her "nen nen" on the way back and she was already in dreamland by the time we reached home.


  1. If u want a "chi-kek" ride, the hotel can help to arrange a jeep ride down the hill. Totally exhilarating going downhill in a jeep at night! Better than any roller coaster ride.

  2. Drinking straight from the soup bowl or from a cup is more fun! And can get more faster!

  3. Wow, i have no idea of this. Going to plan for this before #2 come out. Hehe!