Monday, August 6, 2007

A Battle Half Won

Another tough battle with Charlotte tonight simply because we were trying to feed her the medicine the doctor precribed. I took her to another round of visit this morning since she didn't really respond to the medicines given on Friday by Dr Jessica. She had fever again last night around 2.15am and she couldn't sleep very well throughout the night due to the blocked nose and cough. Instead of 3 bottles of medicines, we came back with 1 additional bottle of antibiotic (sob! sob!).

Brenda told me that it took her 1 hour to finish feeding Charlotte all the medicines in the afternoon. We had to do that again after dinner, but before her bed time nen nen. Since daddy is not around, obviously mommy had to play that creative distraction part. Luckily, I have 2 new Baby Einstein DVDs from Joyce and Jin Miin. However, it only managed to distract Charlotte for the first 2 bottles of med. No major struggle and no throwing up too. Unfortunately, she got smarter when it came to the third bottle and that was when the battle started. She struggled, screamed and cried! She held me very tightly with all her tears, sweat and the mucus from her nose all over her face. I could almost hear her said "please mommy, no more medicine, please!". My heart broke seeing her suffering like that, I felt so helpless but had to continue the process.

We finally got all over it about 1 hour later, I could see she was really tired with all that struggling, screaming and fighting over the medicines. She fell asleep in my arm while I was feeding her milk later. I carried her to her room and gave her a big kissed on the forehead. Thank God that her fever had broke too.

I'm praying that she will be better tomorrow morning and be her cheerful self again.


  1. BKM to feed medicine - put all the medicine into 1 small cup, mix them before you feed. Even if they throw up or can't take all as precribed, at least our child get to take little dosage of all the medicine.

  2. I'm like you, because I can't bear to see my kid suffer like that. But it is so hard to make them see that they have to take the medicine to get well.

    Hope Charlotte's better today.

  3. Oh what we did is we put all medicine in one syringe and pump as a shot. The tip is pump sideway (never pump on top of the tongue)and wait a few second before you pull the syringe out. Hubby will make sure that Hin Lerk already swallows before he remove the syringe.

    I hope Charlotte is already recover by now.

  4. Have u try iliadin (decongestant nose) which will help to relieve blocked nose. This is precript by Dr.sim for Vernon. and for cough, actually the medicine not help much, I agreed with Dr. Sim on using the Aerochamber (ventolin + inflammide)at home.
    Try this out & hope charlotte recover soon.

  5. Thank you for all your prayers, helps and suggestions. Charlotte is on her way of recovering and she woke up this morning asking (and finished) for her 6oz milk.