Sunday, August 5, 2007

Busy Weekend

Charlotte was supposed to take her 1st JE jab with Ethan last Friday but when I went to pick up Charlotte from my SIL (sister-in-law) place she told me that Charlotte has developed cough and slight fever. My heart sunk when I heard that because first it has been quite some time since Charlotte's last visit to PD due to sickness, secondly we had appointment with Ethan and Dr. Jessica on the JE jab. We proceeded to GMC per planned but for her cough and fever instead of jab. Dr. Jessica told us that it was probably due to viral infection :(

Charlotte is very difficult to feed when comes to food. This includes medicine if I didn't mentioned this in the picky eater post. She will struggle, cry and throw-up almost 99% of the time when it comes to medicine. Dr. Jessica proscribed 3 medicines for her this time, Rhinathiol for cough, Poralamine for running nose and Panadol for fever. Luckily Brenda is very good at handling Charlotte and we all play different role when comes to medicine time. Daddy is responsible to creatively create distractions to quickly divert Charlotte's attention after the medicine is pumped into her mouth, otherwise she will soon throwing it up. Of course I want to make sure that the dosage is correct so I am responsible to prepare the medicine. Brenda is responsible to feed Charlotte (the toughest part) and I am helping her to hold down Charlotte at the same time. Sounds like a battle? You bet.

There were a couple of prearranged agenda for the weekends, Beatrice (one of my very first motherhood friends) was back from Ipoh with Ryan and Reese and we were suppose to meet up for lunch on Saturday. Unfortunately, I had to go without Charlotte as I was worried that it's contagious to Ryan and his 3 months old baby sister, Reese. Joyce and I were also talking about swimming on Sunday since many couldn't make it for the play group this week. Obviously we had to cancel that.

Charlotte is still coughing and has developed running nose since last night. Her fever is mild but it comes and goes with no consistent pattern, that worries me the most.

It was a very tiring and busy weekend, all revolves around medicine and food. Charlotte is already a picky eater and it is harder for me to feed her food/milk when she is sick. She rejected all solid for the last 2 days and only took 2-4oz of milk for every 3 hours lag. She is definitely loosing weight. Daddy is away again and I pray that Charlotte will be alright by the time daddy is back.


  1. I will keep little Charlotte in my prayers. Get well soon!