Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fun Time At Kim Kim Place

Charlotte sometimes goes to her Kim Kim house especially when her grandma has some other commitments. She loves to go to her Kim Kim house because

reason 1: she has 3 body guards (her cousins Solomon, Isaiah and Abraham) there to play with her and keep her entertained.

reason 2: her Kim Kim has boxes and boxes of toys in the house and at the garden outside of the house and she allows Charlotte to play with all of it. Imagine, neighbours thought it's nursery when they first moved in because of those Little Tikes Play House, Slides, bicycles, Drawing Board and etc at the garden...

reason 3: she gets to eat junk food :p

For me, I love to send her to my sister-in-law too because:

reason 1: Charlotte drinks the most amount of milk whenever she is there. She loves to drink milk together with her KoKo Abraham. Two of them will lie down side by side, and drink together. Of course, Abraham KoKo has to drink slower then he normally does otherwise Charlotte will stop when he finishes his.

reason 2: my sister-in-law is a SAHM and her youngest son Abraham is only 6years old. I have high confidence in her expertise and experience in raising kids. So, I'm less worried when Charlotte is there.

reason 3: my sister-in-law loves Charlotte very much and treats her like a queen in the house and her KoKo all have to give in to her per their mommy's instructions (heh!)


  1. With such royal treatment accorded, I would also love to go there! :D

  2. Should go more often :P

    I think her Kim Kim sure loves to have her, a GIRL in the house will tame those 3 boys.

  3. yes, a flower among the thorns