Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Baptism

I was very active at the church when I was young. I remember I was the youngest member in the Christmas caroling team, I was active in the church activities and participated in all performances like drama, dance, choir, and etc but it was all before I entered university. After that I was totally disengaged, shame on me.

When Charlotte was born, I did think about getting her baptised but back then I was overwhelmed as a new mother and with all the new motherhood responsibilities. I strayed very far away from God and I didn't think I was able to guide her the Christianity way. I started Charlotte at Sunday School just a few months ago and I also started to pick up a little responsibility at church. My parents then suggested Charlotte's baptism during Christmas since my "soon-to-be" sister-in-law will also get baptised during that day. We considered and we agreed.

It is my responsibility now to guide her and upbringing her with God's words and the Christian way. God help me.

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  1. I believed this is one of the wise decision of yours and family. Getting her baptized will definitely bring her closer to the faith. Well done Mommy!