Sunday, December 13, 2009

Update From Home

I called home last Sunday night to check out how's everything going back there and I got a good news but I did a poor job in handling that news.

The good news was, everything was alright and Charlotte even won the church Christmas singing competition! It was a duet for ages 3-6 and 2 teams were announced as the winner for that age group, Charlotte's was one of them!

I was so excited when Pat told me that and I asked to talk to Charlotte, didn't know that it was a bad move! (I asked Pat days before did Charlotte requested to call me because she told me that she would call me if she misses me before I left. Pat told me he did ask her but all she said was "call tomorrow"). When Pat passed the phone to Charlotte all I heard was sad, sad sobbing. I kept telling her that I got her lots of toys and dresses for her and how proud I was of her achievement in that singing competition but there was no response from her other than the sobbing. It was really heart broken listening to that sobbing and I didn't know what was the magic word to say to make it right. I told her that I love her and I miss her lots before I hang up.

A minute later, I sms Pat to find out if she was already alright. The reply was "no more cry, playing bubble now". Now I know why she didn't want to call me - she was really trying to hold back or avoid her feeling and emotion.

Thank goodness, and I am confident now that Pat is able to take care of her when I am not around. I just need to learn to relax and let go sometimes.


  1. Great to hear that everything is fine at home. Didn't know that you are away. No wonder, i didn't hear from you for so long. Hope you have a good trip ;)

  2. Congrats to Charlotte!
    Oh..i had that bad experience with Kelvin over the phone once too, he just kept crying over the phone calling "mummy!mummy!". It's really a heart broken moment hearing it over the phone.

  3. So far Ern was doing good when it comes to this thing. Maybe I started to travel when she was < 6mo. And I did the same thing for Sean also..fingers cross no problem for Sean as he is very attach to me..

  4. Like you, my last trip was when I'm expecting my 2nd baby. I can imagine how it must have felt and the crying on the phone - how heart aching and hope to just reach out and hug your little girl telling her its OK. Well - absent does makes the heart fonder.. :)