Friday, December 11, 2009

Away From Home

I haven't been traveling on business since July 2007 and now I am writing this from 10K miles away from home. I still remember how difficult it was for both Charlotte and myself back then, mostly after the trip. She was practically all over me and glued to me 24x7. She was only 20months old back then, but she is now 4 year old and I had a lot of talking to do before I leave just to make sure she understands.

I took last Friday off and our family spent a weekend in KL. I broke the news to Charlotte when she was really happy and enjoying the shopping trip. I didn't tell her the whole story in one try, but only adding more facts after each day. She slowly accepted the fact that I won't be home during that period of time, but mommy has all the back-up plans arranged for her.

I reminded her everyday before I left, and I was glad that she gave me all positive responses every time. I didn't have her to send me to the airport but she gave me a big hug before I left and said "媽媽﹐ 路上小心, I love you!". It was the best assurance I could ever get, don't you agree with me?

I know she will be ok as I have Patrick, my mom and my sister in law all lined up and ready to take care of her when I'm away. I also prepared small treats and presents and Patrick will only give to her if she is acting way too difficult to convince. Will see how many left when I go home.

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