Monday, December 21, 2009

Home For Christmas!

Yes, it definitely feels good to be home. My trip back home was quite disastrous and I tried not to cry thinking of the possibility of missing Christmas and loosing all my belongings in the checked-in luggage. But thank God all is over now and I came home just in time for Christmas!

All Charlotte said when she saw me at the airport was "Mommy, I missed you!" with teary eyes...just to cut the story short, we were all just glad that I made it home before Christmas. The next day, Charlotte had her Christmas performance at church. What we didn't know was there was also the award presentation during the service for the winners throughout the whole year, in all contests. So Charlotte was also on the award recipient list as she won in the recent singing competition.

Her first trophy, effort of her own (I was away during that competition) and I am absolutely proud of her.

Can't wait till Christmas!

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