Sunday, January 10, 2010


Remember this post? We met some puppies at the beach and after that we had to "justify" to Charlotte why can't we keep another dog. Back then I was thinking far to sustain a SAHM status, even then I wasn't very keen to own another dog.

The "I want a puppy" idea was out of mind until yesterday. We stopped by a pet shop to get Simba's food and other necessity and there Charlotte met her "friends" and the idea came back once again! We had to deal with the "I want a puppy" talk for almost the whole of last weekend. She was the one justifying why she wants a puppy, and how she would take care of one.

Of course I am not ready to own another dog no matter what Charlotte promises, I know it would ended up just like her fish and tortoise which the maid has to take over. Owning a dog is a big responsibility. It is not like fish, or tortoise, or even strays that you can feed him one day and ignore or assume it would survive on itself on other days.

For now, Charlotte is holding on to her toy puppy and we will get her one when she realizes the responsibility and ready to take that role.

Yup, that's the sad face I had to deal with every time we talk about this topic.


  1. I like dogs, and puppies.

  2. Very interesting blog - get to know about parenting from someone experienced like yourself :)
    Hope all is well...

  3. Poor mummy. It's difficult when they are insistent huh? (and persistent too!)

  4. Listen to your mummy...taking care of a dog is BIG responsibility. A pet fish maybe, to start with?