Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This Is THE Day!!!

Exactly 3 years ago, I woke up at 4.30am and with my pregnant tummy I stepped into the washroom and sat on the toilet seat half dreaming. The strangest thing happened, I wondered why my bladder could kept so much urine and it felt like out of control! I then gotten a little bit more awake and thought could it be my water bag has broke? As I was trying to call my husband I felt another warm water gushed out. I was just 1 day before the estimated due date!

Yes, it's Charlotte's birthday and she woke up this morning feeling extremely happy when I greeted her with a big birthday kiss. She knew she is going to celebrate her 3rd birthday today at school. I brought home a cake last night and told her that she will be bringing it to school tomorrow morning. She took a look at it and her only expression was "Wah! It's mermaid!" with a big grin!

I am very pleased to see the cake myself as the cake house has been very flexible to design just the way I wanted. Isn't it nice? It's orange and vanilla sponge and it tastes great too!

We celebrated her birthday at school this morning. She is a happy girl I tell ya! The pictures say a thousand words of what happened in school :)

She is 12kg in weight and 91cm in height (I measured this morning, ha!). Little chili padi!

We are going to have a small family celebration for her this Sunday and hopefully another nice birthday cake :)


  1. Charlotte looks like a pretty princess in that dress! And she really looks very happy indeed. Happy birthday Charlotte!

  2. Happy 3rd Birthday to Charlotte. That was a nice family picture of the 3 of you grinning away.