Sunday, November 16, 2008

End of Academic Year

Last Friday marked the last day of school for most of the school going kids and at Charlotte's school they celebrated this day with special events. The school sent out notice a couple of days before and asking parents to prepare swim suits and towels for the kids as they are going to have a small pool play.

Charlotte, of course gotten very excited when I told her about swimming on Friday morning. I let her changed into her swim suit directly since hers is a swim shirt and pantie. I just put on a shorts for her and she was all ready for school!

Align Center

I forgot to bring along my camera and I have no picture to share this time. I have to admit that I was worried that Charlotte would catch a cold if left unattended, even for a short while. Call me paranoid, but I rather want to be sure than having to manage a sick kid later on. I wanted to go to pick her up earlier that day, just to see how the teachers manage all those children, getting them off the pool, wet and cold. Too bad, I was very busy at work and she was all showered and ready to go home when I reached the school a few hours later. But I saw several kids were still playing while 2 other teachers were bathing and changing other kids. I was told that Charlotte was one of those in the 1st batch to leave the pool and get changed. I guess they managed it well and I am crossing my fingers...

I was also presented by her class teacher several test sheets that they had conducted in Oct together with the monthly progress report. I was surprised to see that Charlotte actually did very well in those tests (I didn't even know that they had tests for these young kids). I was also told that her writing skill is also considered advance at her age.

In the monthly progress report, they keep track of both academy and social emotional progress. I am glad to see that Charlotte is developing very good social emotional skill considering she's only joined the school 2 months after the second half of the year. Her strength now shows in Art and Music/Movement, she got all As (Always) in these categories (other markings are N for Not Yet and S for Sometimes). Her academy knowledge also has improved. One very obvious learning I observed is that I only taught her upper case alphabets at home, that includes writing it but she is able to recognize all lower case alphabets and writing some of it too. That is from school! :)

I need to make conscious note to myself that I have to spend more time with development activities instead of offering her movies (oops, but movie can keep her occupied for at least an hour!)

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  1. My girl appraisal coming in 2 wks time. Hmm...what will the principal and her class teacher has to say?