Sunday, November 23, 2008

Charlotte's First Movie

We've been waiting to bring Charlotte to Cinema for her 1st movie for a long long time. We were not sure when Horton was played and a few other later on but when we saw Madagascar 2 we kind of decided that this is it!

Charlotte has been watching Madagascar at home and she is familiar with those characters like Alex (the lion), Marty (the zebra), Melman (the giraffe) and Gloria (the hippo). Bringing her to watch part 2 at the cinema would have lower risk compared to introducing something totally new (movie + environment) to her for the 1st time.

It's been a few weeks now since the movie released and we finally made it there last Saturday. I made ticket reservation for 7.40pm show, it was the best time for us because I will have enough time to feed Charlotte dinner before we leave for the movie and it won't be too late when the show finished.

We bought pop corn and soda just before we enter the theater. Pat warned me not to let Charlotte have too much pop corn because it's near Christmas now and we don't want Charlotte to fall sick because of that. But I know I don't have to worry much because Charlotte would willingly it give up, just like ice-cream when she had enough. True enough, Charlotte wasn't very keen with the pop corn, she only took 1 and that's it!

Charlotte and I shared a seat as we decided that she is too tiny won't have a good view from her own seat. We chose 2 center corner seats for easy movement in case Charlotte needs to move about. She was behaved very well and was engrossed into the movie for maybe the first 45min. Then she started to wonder around. Good thing that we were seating at the isle, I offered her to sit by the staircase instead and she could still have a good view from there. She sat there and not too long after another boy also came from the next row and sat beside her :)

The movie was rather short, it ended around 9.00pm. Honestly, I think the story line was not as interesting as part 1. No wonder Charlotte was not interested in it after awhile. When we asked her how's watching movie at the cinema, she was all smiling! Obviously, she was very happy with that experience.

This was how she told her auntie Brenda the next morning:

Charlotte: Auntie, I go watch Alex the lion!
Aunite: Wah! Nice or not?

Charlotte: Nice! The cinema got big big television one, and so loud!
Auntie: So loud ah? You scared or not?

Charlotte: No! Cinema dark dark one
Aunite: You not scared ah? So clever hor

Charlotte: Hmm, I clever. I didn't cry. Cinema no monster one, no snake one!

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  1. This is great age to expose them to more n more new things! Great!