Sunday, November 16, 2008

When Mommy Was Asleep

I had a very mad migraine last Saturday and I had to take a pill and closed my eyes for a couple of hours. I asked Pat to look after Charlotte and told Brenda to prepare lunch accordingly.

I woke up and remembered Charlotte was telling me that daddy let Simba out. I didn't have a second thought of that statement until today when I clean up my camera's memory stick.

There are sooooooo many pictures taken of Charlotte and Simba, being so closed together! I know our Simba is children friendly but I still haven't let Charlotte been to this close to him before. See what daddy has done...


  1. That's a 'surprise' for you huh! :-)

  2. I am sure Charlotte is quite safe with Simba, and will have lots and lots of wonderful time together. Relax, and let her have fun!

  3. Charlotte looks like she's having so much fun with Simba.