Monday, February 18, 2008

Sweet Tooth

Charlotte is showing a fondness of sweet food lately, or just about all toddlers has sweet tooth? She especially enjoys ice-cream very much recently. I still remember her strange facial expression when I shared with her a sundae cone just a few months back but now she wants her own cup of ice-cream every time we pass by Mc Donald's.

I made some cup cakes last weekend and she woke up from her nap as I was preparing the icing. She was very very cranky then but her mood swung to the opposite as soon as I showed her the cup cakes I was making. The icing and toppers were those that caught her attention. She only had a couple of bite on the cake but see how she got all head over heals with the icing and toppers...

Luckily I kept the give-away before hand, she could have finished all the icing and toppers and left the bare cup cakes for the party.

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