Monday, February 25, 2008

New Game

I used to have a mountain bike when I was in high school. I loved to cycle to tuition classes and sometimes I even cycled it to my school in the evening, it's about 40km round trip. I seemed to have lesser time to exercise after I graduated and my mom sold it one day when I was in the US for a business trip. She said it was too dangerous for me to cycle because of the busy traffic nowadays.

Two weeks ago Pat and I decided to get 2 bikes for ourselves. We have a very nice neighbourhood that we can cycle around without having to worry about the traffic and it is also a very good form of exercise that we can do that suits our busy schedule (another excuse to workout after the Equinox membership). We went ahead to look out for it on Saturday afternoon after I tucked Charlotte to sleep and we came back with 2 gorgeous mountain bikes. We fixed a toddler carrier on one of it so that Charlotte can join us and have fun!

She was so excited when we showed it to her and she enjoys the rides on the mountain bike so much that we have to find another distraction to get her down from the bikes every time. Poor mommy and daddy had to go round and round because she didn't want to get down even though we cycled it all around Sg. Ara, Bayan Lepas, up and down the hills.

Last week, we bought her a new helmet for safety purpose since we are cycling outside of the residence area. That's the smallest we could find, size 48-54cm. It still looks so funny on her because her head now looks so much bigger than her body.

This has been our new activity during weekends. Hopefully mommy and daddy will loose a few pounds soon :)


  1. That is an awesome form of exercise! And I am amazed that Charlotte will sit so quietly in the toddler seat...

  2. it's a good family outing activity while also a good form of exercise...