Thursday, February 21, 2008


I took the 1st half off today to go to the Immigration Department to renew my passport and also to make one for Charlotte. We are planning a family vacation this year and since I needed to renew my passport for the upcoming business trip I thought I should get Charlotte's done at the same time.

I took Charlotte for her passport photo shooting 2 days ago. I was prepared to experience the worse struggle as we needed to sit her down properly for the passport and US VISA photo shoot, no kidding right? However, everything went well, in fact everything went so beyond our expectation. Charlotte was very cooperative, she even smiled as the pictures were taken. Too bad I didn't ask for a soft copy, I had to reproduce it for this post...

One very funny thing to share during the photo shooting was when she was seated at the position, I was told to comb her hair behind her ears because the requirement is to have the ears visible. So I moved forward to do as told and as I was doing so she kept pushing me away because I was blocking her from the photographer/camera. She was so ready to be photographed!


  1. Wah...taking her to US I see! Hehe....the immigration folks would be so cheered up with that photo of her!

  2. The photo shop that i went to at Sg Dua actually gives u a CD for the photos. Next time can go there...