Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!

First day of Chinese New Year, Charlotte woke up at 9am! That was the highest record of 26+months! Maybe because she slept with mommy and daddy the night before and felt especially comfortable and safe! We quickly got ourselves ready to start the "pai nien" routine but of course I didn't forget to give a big red packet (ang pow) to Charlotte and took a very nice family picture before we head out.

(CNY - 2008)

Nothing much especial to post about the entire "pai nien" thingy but Charlotte was quite overwhelmed with all the aunties, uncles and cousins. The first 3-4days were nothing much but eating, visiting, gambling, and more eating. Charlotte on the other hand was on diet during that few days. She was more interested in playing and having fun with her cousin brothers and sisters.

Charlotte also had her "fashion show" during this occasion. Chinese Doll, Kung Fu Master, Modern Princess, you can see from these pictures.

The most interesting thing was when we had Yee Sang, I carried her on one hand and used the other to "lou". Charlotte was amazed by the action and was laughing out loud. She must be thinking that the adults are having some sort of fun game. The 2nd time we did that, she decided to do that herself too. It was very difficult to carry her and reach out to the middle of the table while holding her hand to let her "lou". Pat had to bring the entire plate (well that was of course after everybody had taken their share) and let Charlotte do the "lou yee sang" at her own way.

Charlotte definitely has grown a little bit taller, wiser and naughtier too. We bought her a few boxes of "pop pop" this year but didn't think that she would really want to try it. To our surprise, it was kind of like "love at first sight" and she was having a great time throwing it, one box after another.

Time flies without us knowing it. Charlotte will be 3 this year. I can't help but looking back the last 2 years CNY photos of Charlotte as I write this post. I am thankful for everything God gave us.

(CNY - 2005)

(CNY - 2006)


  1. Gong Xi Fa Chai to you and your family ! have a wonderfull year 2008 !