Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Little Big Bully

One of the very fun outings during CNY was my sisters in law and brothers in law decided to bring all the children to Baskin Robbins on the 1st night of CNY. There were 11 of us, including adults and children all squeezed into my brother in law's new Toyota Estima (which only meant for 7 seaters). The children were having so much fun watching Shrek II as we went towards the BR at Sg. Dua.

Charlotte, the typical playful and not interested in food toddler always looked out for target to start a game or something. Luckily we had her cousin sister, Samantha along and both of them were having so much fun at BR. I tell ya, there were only a few customers at that time but the entire shop was filled will laughter and screams of Charlotte. Want to know how? Watch this video clip

She was not only chasing after Samantha, but she used the ballon to hit her big cousin sister. You can hear she said "toi! toi! toi!". A sound effect of her own. What a little big bully!

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