Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Do you remember the little girl in the Monsters Inc. movie called "Boo"? Yes, that's something I want to blog about in this post.

It has been quite awhile since we last bought DVD movies mainly due to our busy work schedules and I realized that Charlotte is getting bored with most of her old movies that we have been playing everyday. We went for DVDs shopping a few weeks back and got her some old cartoon movies but we have yet to introduce it to her like Finding Nemo, Shark Tale and Monsters Inc. Her favorite is Monsters Inc. and since then we have been playing everyday.

Side track a little bit, when Charlotte was very young, she used to let me tied-up and pinned up her hair with those very nice hair clips that I bought for her. However, as she grows she gets very curious about things that I put on her hair. She will pull it out every time I put them on. Since then, I have been keeping her hair short as it is be very untidy without those hair clips.

One night I happened to ask her if she wants me to tie up her hair just like "Boo" while she was watching the movie. Almost immediately she got very excited and said yes. She sat down very properly and let me do the work, and tada!!!

That night, she kept her new hairdo throughout the entire movie and until she went to bed :)

But I just cut her hair last Sunday as I don't want to take the risk of fighting with her to get her hair done during Chinese New Year. I had to cut it now to allow it to grow a little bit and look natural in the next 2 weeks. I'm sure she is going to be a pretty China doll in her new cheongsam that grandma bought for her ;)


  1. hooray...we can go shopping together for more hair accessories for our Princess...

  2. The hairdo looks great on her. I remember having to tie Cass pony tail the first time, and it took me more than 20 mins. Practice makes perfect :)