Friday, January 18, 2008


Charlotte is definitely talks and communicates more now than before. She also is picking up more vocabulary and also starts to build sentences. This post to going to capture 2 most unbelieveable incidences that I encoutnered by talking to Charlotte this week.

When she was 15-20months old, she walked to our room and pushed open the door when she woke up in the morning. When she was somewhere between 20-24 months old, she stopped walking to our room but she was waiting in her room (still lying down) for us to greet her good morning. I usually will go check on her once I got myself dressed up for work but before I go downstairs for breakfast. She was happy to see me when I peeked at her door. Now she is at the terrible 2 stage, everything's changed. She wakes up every morning (or most morning) crying and she cries even louder when we go greet her. We practically spent 5-10min to calm her down and let us carry her downstairs.

When we are ready to leave the house for work, she objects and doesn't want to go to MIL's place. She'll say "no MaMa house, home D". We then spend another 5-10min to persuade and get her into the car. When we arrived at MIL's place, the drama starts again. It will be another 5-10min to get her down from the car. The journey from our house to MIL's place only take 5min but the entire process sometimes takes us 15-20min. The story doesn't stop here. Brenda told me that Charlotte is a handful to manage throughout the day too. Sometimes, she doesn't even let Brenda go out of sight, otherwise she would cry and cry and cry...

So on Wednesday night, I decided to take time and talk to her a little bit. I started by telling her

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