Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Brush Teeth

After many attempts of getting Charlotte's pearl whites brushed, she finally willing to let me do the task when I introduced the children's toothpaste to her. I was a little hesitated to use the toothpaste for many reasons including the concern of Charlotte "eating" it, also because Charlotte's taste buds are a little unique I was just worried that introducing the toothpaste might totally banished the teeth brushing idea if she doesn't like the taste at all.

Toothpaste introduction turned out well on one fine Saturday morning about a month ago. I usually be a full time mother during the weekend and I decided to try the Kodomo Lion children toothpaste with strawberry flavor that I bought many weeks back. I brought a cup of drinking water and invited Charlotte to start the activity. I told her she must not swallow the toothpaste, and I role played with her to show her how to spit out the water, with my command "ah pui!". After a few try, I think Charlotte got the idea and she was really excited about spitting out the water as I said "ah pui!". Then I put just a tiny dot of toothpaste on 2 tooth brush, 1 for Charlotte and 1 for me (to help her). It went on very well and I managed to brush her teeth almost completely.

This continue on Sunday and of course the next thing to do was to tell Brenda to continue the effort during the weekdays. It continued to went on very well as I checked with Brenda almost everyday after I came back from work.

The interesting thing happened last weekend. As usual, I prepared the drinking water and took Charlotte to my bathroom to get ready for bath after I brushed her teeth. Everything went ok and I started to brush her teeth. However, when it was time to rinse and spit out the water Charlotte decided to swallowed it! She smiled at me and said "swallow" after she did that (sort of like getting permission). Of course I said no and told her she must spit out the water, it's dirty water. I let her do again after a few more brushing, but again she swallowed it!! This time she also said "swallow" but it was a little louder and with a little more determination. I know I was at the loosing end. If I stopped her from doing that, she will not let me brush her teeth anymore. So then I quickly dipped the tooth brush into the water to rinse off the remaining toothpaste and let the battle continued with brushing and swallowing the water *slap head*

Nowadays, she is not just swallowing the water but she also suck on the toothbrush (toothpaste) right after we put the tooth paste on it. Although I know it is fluoride safe and sugar free toothpaste and it is perfectly safe to use on young children, I still feel uncomfortable see to Charlotte sucking the toothbrush with toothpaste on it.
Before I was a mother, I never knew it could be so much tricks (sometimes bribes) to do just to get a toddler to complete a single task. I am learning my way to be a good mother, everyday.

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  1. We don't dare to try tooth paste yet. And Hin Lerk loves to bite the toothbrush too. :(