Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bean Bag

4 years ago we bought a king size bean bag when we stayed in the States. It is about 6 feet in diameter and about the height of my hips when it is fluffed. It is just a perfect size for 2 adults and Pat and I used to enjoy our midnight movies on that bean bag. But it has been hiding at one corner in our living ever since Charlotte is born.

Last week, Pat decided to move out the bean bag from the corner when I was busy cutting Charlotte's hair. Of course Charlotte got very excited to see such a humongous "bed" in the middle of the living room and jumped right on it when she finished her hair cut. She explored the bean bag quite a bit and she got very comfortable with it not too long after.

I was all sweating and wet (I did Charlotte's hair cut while she was playing in the small pool at the porch) and really needed a bath. So I quickly sneaked upstairs to clean up myself as she was happily exploring the bean bag. When I was all done and went downstairs, I found Charlotte got so relaxed and enjoyed herself lying on the bean bag watching her favorite Monsters Inc. while munching the apples that Brenda just cut for her. (Oh btw, she is now calling her auntie as "auntie Brenda". Isn't that sweet?)

The bean bag has become her movie watching "couch" since then. Sometimes she even asks both Pat and myself to join her. She giggles as 3 of us cuddled up on that bean bag, it feels so warm and cozy. Totally worth the $$ we spent, so much then before :)

See how she enjoys it?

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