Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Little Artists In Action

The playgroup is getting more and more interesting and mommies are getting more creative at the playgroup activities. We had pool & bubbles 2 weeks back and last week we made a little artist session for the little ones.

We were fully equipped for this session. Some of us bought the paint apron for our kid, we have brushes, paint pallets and even made our own edible paints for the kids just to make sure that it is safe for them. It was full of fun and most of all it was very interesting to see our little prince and princess's creativity and preference during the session.

Getting Ready

I have been telling Charlotte that mommy is inviting friends to have a drawing session. She always nod her head and respond "friend friend, come, draw draw". Bryan and Wei Xuan too were very excited and well prepared for the session. I guess their mommies must be telling them the same prior to the session too :)

Wei Xuan was the most tidy little one. Her "work station" was the cleanest, including the paint pallet and brush and her master piece was the nicest among all.

Bryan was the most creative one. His master piece was full with paints and drawings. He even used up Ethan's paper since Ethan was more interested in Simba (ha!). Lucky Simba, I guess he will have more friends now :)

Charlotte on the other hand was the dirtiest. She had all her palms and fingers brushed with paints and her master piece was too abstract for us to be able to interpret :p Hin Lerk and mommy came not long after we started the session but he insisted to go play with the toys in the living room

It's just one week from Charlotte's 2nd birthday. I thought I could make an early celebration for Charlotte with her playgroup friends. So I went to buy another birthday cake (yes, I have ordered one for her actual birthday) in the afternoon. After we bath all of them, it was time for a little candle blowing session.

Charlotte is very familiar with this birthday song and candle blowing thingy as we have been showing her video clips that we took during other people's birthday. She can even sing along the birthday song (well, just a little bit here and there) too. It was also very fun because most of our playgroup children's birthday are around the same time. Some just had their 2nd birthday celebrations, so they were very happy to see that happen again. It was also a good practise and preview for those birthdays coming up soon. This makes all the candle blowing thingy so much more exciting!

It was an unplanned agenda, but I was overwhelmed to receive many birthday gifts from the playgroup. Thanks everyone!


  1. Ethan is really a dog lover la...maybe if Simba joined us in the artwork...???
    Happy belated birthday, dear Charlotte!

  2. Happy Birthday, Charlotte! Time really flies and the next thing I know, it's my little girl's turn.

    Hey, can you tell me where u buy the apron and art stuff that is safe for our child to play?

  3. Train, train, train. That was what Hin Lerk interested in.

    Forget to tell you. After we went home, I asked him, "Whose birthday was that?" "Aunty" He thought it was your birthday because you were so excited moving around. :P

  4. from all egyptions
    Happy Birthday, Charlotte!
    Charlotte egyption fan clup
    :D :D