Sunday, November 18, 2007

Last One (for this year)

Our little princess turned 2 on Nov 12th, 2007, she gets to cut not 1, not 2 but 3 birthday cakes this year. I got her first birthday cake during the playgroup gathering, that was 1 week before her birthday. We celebrated her 2nd birthday officially on Nov 11th, invited PIL to join for a small party.

Last week, my parents came back from vacation and we celebrated Charlotte's birthday again. Originally, we planned to bring Charlotte to the beach and have dinner at the Sigi's. Unfortunately, I was down with flu and the weather turned cloudy in the late evening. So, we changed the plan and my mom gladly offered us her home cook steamboat buffet treat. I was glad too as having dinner at home makes everything else easy, especially feeding Charlotte.

Since I was down with flu, I was trying to keep my distance from Charlotte. I asked Brenda to take care of Charlotte and I went for a check-up at a nearby clinic. I was prescribed with antibiotics and cough/flu syrup which really puts me to sleep. I woke up around 5.30pm and off I went downstairs to check on Charlotte. She was happily having her bath. She didn't want to get out from the water when I told her it's time to go to MaMa's house but she moved out quickly when I told her that she is going to blow another candle and sing the birthday song again at MaMa's house.

That made the 3rd candle blowing, cake cutting experience for Charlotte. She definitely gets the meaning of "birthday" by now. This time, she did a perfect candle blowing...

Out of 3 cakes (lychee, black forest, chocolate brownie), Charlotte didn't like any of it. There is one common thing on the cake that she loves though, the M&M chocolate! See, how she messy up the cake and herself...

If you asked her how old is she, she'll say: "two, old" and trying to sign 2 with her fingers. Sometimes, she got it right, but sometimes she just simply reply 5 and show all her 5 fingers (easy way out).

I told her that's all for this year, no more "happy birthday" and no more candle blowing until next year. She nod her head as usual, but I wonder if she really understands.


  1. pretty in red!

    Happy Birthday dearie, again,

  2. Wah, Nice cheongsam, she looks different in the photo

  3. come she is not dress in green like mummy and daddy??!! :-)

  4. Love that adorable cheeky grin in the first pic! And love that cheongsam too! Happy Birthday Charlotte!

  5. Happy belated birthday Charlotte. She looks so sweet in that cheongsam.