Friday, November 23, 2007

Potty Training (Part II)

Part I was posted on Oct 31st and that was about one month after I started to potty train Charlotte. Immediately after that post, I told Brenda to stop wearing diaper for Charlotte during her day naps. To our surprise, it was a big suggest too! No accident happened so far.

Charlotte naps twice a day still, and since we stopped to let her wear diaper we will bring her to wee wee before she goes to bed and immediately after she wakes up from her nap. Initially, we had to quickly bring her the potty because we can tell from her facial expression that she couldn't hold it any longer but slowly this process is getting less tense. She is able to hold a few more seconds while we bring her the potty. She is now diaper free during the day.

In Part I, she wasn't able to tell when she needs to wee wee but she is now able to do so. Although she says "ng ng" to indicate both wee wee and pass motion, she is able to tell us every time she needs the potty. So, we started let her to go to her music class without wearing diaper a couple of weeks back. We also let her go diaper free when we go out on a short trip. We have yet to let her go shopping with us without diaper because of a few reasons: 1. the public toilet hygiene and 2. the toilet location (distance).

Now I get to save more on diaper cost and Charlotte is very happy too (she used to cry and tried to pull down her diaper when we put it on for her). She only took ~2months time to potty train. She is a fast learner, isn't she?


  1. i guess i should be more advanturous like you, WX still wearing diaper for afternoon nap & off course when we go out, reason, same as yours :-)

  2. Ya, she's a fast learner :) Great job, Mommy. So where did you take her to wee wee during the music class?

  3. *clap* clap*
    Clever little girl.. Hope Kor-kor catch up soon.

  4. Hi Irene, the toilet at the music center is pretty clean. So, I am not worry about that. But usually we let her wee wee before she goes to the music center.