Sunday, January 24, 2010


I took off for another business trip right after my brother's wedding, didn't have a chance to review all the wedding pictures and video took from various source. This is something I "must" do this week so that I can post some sharing about the wedding.

While I was away, Charlotte had her "school holidays" too. She used her power of manipulation and gotten away with grandpa and grandma. I was quite mad when I got to know about it and she actually didn't not come to pick me up from the airport thinking she could get away. Well, I did not punish her very much because to me it is more important to know that she was taken good care of.

We planned and make sure that she had good weekend and that would be my negotiation with her to get her back to school schedule come this new week. We bought her another new kite and took her kite flying over the weekend.

We arrived at the beach nearby Queensbay and we did not worry about wind and all as we usually saw many people flying their kites far and high during the weekend. However, we tried for almost 45min and there were no success, no wind! Charlotte's face turned very sour because she was disappointed!

We sat down for a little bit and I was calling it off but Charlotte did not want to leave without seeing her kite up in the sky. Both Pat and I were tired from the earlier trials but as our kite flying spirit was running low we felt a strong breeze coming up and very quickly Pat and I stood up and threw the kite up to catch the wind. Thank goodness that we got the right timing this time, Charlotte's kite flew up very quickly!

We then passed the "control" to Charlotte and we could see her face lighten up almost immediately. As she was holding on to the roller, she turned around suddenly with a very serious and concerned expression and asked "Mommy, I can fly up or not?" I didn't catch that immediately but I quickly realized what she meant! She just recently watched the movie "Up"! She must have felt the strong tension as her kite was at its' last inch of string!

Those of you from Penang island would know how close it is from the Queensbay Mall to the Penang airport. There were many airplanes heading towards that direction for landing and the planes were flying rather low and we didn't realize how close the distance was between the kites and the planes until Charlotte shouted "Mommy, the plane is going to crash into my kite!!" No, kidding!

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